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Videos and Video Guides

AVATAR Promotional Video

A quick promotional video of the AVATAR pacing through some of the potential uses of the system and outlining some key benefits.

All About the AVATAR - In A Doodle

Check how AVATAR works in a doodle. Informative and simple.

Installation Video Guide

Installing the AVATAR system at your home or business is straightforward, but sometimes you need to a visual guide to help through the process - click here or on the play icon above to get started.

AVATAR in the Hospitality Industry

Jaime Pares takes us through the various uses of the AVATAR in a restaurant kitchen and dining room demonstrating the many uses and properties of ozonated water.

Laboratory Validation of AVATAR's Effectiveness

Detailed and interesting interview with chemist and food technologist Lluis Riera of SAIA, the food and water safety experts and auditors, explaining ozone and its impact on the hotel, restaurant, and the food industry. Great explanation of how the AVATAR works and demonstrating it in action. This validates how the AVATAR will help the hotel, restaurant, and the food industry re-open safely.

Simple Repairs Video Guide

Although the AVATAR system is built to last, doesn't require maintenance, and comes with a peace-of-mind warranty, you can see how easily the system can be repaired by watching the video here.

Brochures and Documents

AVATAR Brochure

Review all the details about the AVATAR in a PDF brochure you can download and save, share or read offline. When you're ready, get in touch with us to arrange a demo or ask any questions!


Whether you've already purchased the AVATAR or you would like to explore the ins and outs of the system before you get your hands on it, feel free to download the manual right here.

Scientific Evidence Guide

Learn about the power of Ozone and Ozone Water from the world's foremost scientific and research organizations, whose data and testing you can trust. Download our guide here.

One-Pager: General

Learn about the versatility of the AVATAR and the many uses and advantages in this concise and informative format.

One-Pager: AVATAR in the Golf Club Setting

Learn about the versatility of the AVATAR and the many uses of it by reviewing this targetted brochure aimed at the Golf Club sector.

One-Pager: AVATAR in the Care Home Setting

Learn about the versatility of the AVATAR and the many uses of it by reviewing this targetted brochure aimed at the Care Home sector. With a message from Jon Kershaw, our Care Home sector Business Development executive.

Eco3tech Marine Brochure

Review the Eco3tech Marine brochure, which is specifically made for the recreational marine industry and describes the various uses and advantages of the AVATAR system in the marine environment.

AVATAR Technical Specifications Sheet

Review the handy one page sheet outlining the technical specifications of the AVATAR unit.

AVATAR Case Studies

Download this handout outlining just some of our existing clients, all of whom are currently utilising the AVATAR system in their businesses. From restaurants to hospitals - the uses are endless.

Certifications & Compliance

The AVATAR has been rigorously tested and certified for safety and efficacy by several leading independent labs, third-party organizations, and government bodies. Please see this document for details.